About Motojig

The MOTOJIG is manufactured by GLOBALJIGThe MOTOJIG is manufactured by GLOBALJIG which is one of the most experienced and well respected companies in the world that manufacture jigs for the car and motorcycle industries.
GLOBALJIG have manufactured the MOTOJIG to measure and repair early and late model motorcycle chassis, sub frames, swing arms to the highest of standards.


The MOTOJIG was designed to repair SportsBikes, Dirt Bikes, Motards, Scooters, ATVs with aluminum, chrome molly or mild steel.


The MOTOJIG utilises the swing arm pivot and a series of other structural points to mount the motorcycle. By using a number of unique hydraulic rams in the MOTOJIG the motorcycles steering head and rake angle, trail, and wheel alignment are set back to factory specifications.

The MOTOJIG utilises the swing arm pivot

By using the MOTOJIG’s unique design to firmly lock the chassis into position with adjustable height and sliding cross beams, universal jig heads and a multi positioned middle brace tower the chassis can be supported in all areas to assure a correct and precise realignment.