Frame Repairs

When the chassis or swing arm is found to out of alignment the motorcycle is mounted into the MOTOJIG then utilising a number of unique fully adjustable hydraulic rams all the serious work involved in realigning the steering head angles and swing arm back to factory specifications begins.

The MOTOJIG measures all critical dimensions of the chassis, swing arm and sub frame

Measurements are taken of:

  • rake angle
  • trail distance
  • steering head angles and alignment
  • swing arm and sub frame alignment
  • wheel alignment and rear wheel offset
  • sprocket alignment
  • position of steering head in relation to swing arm pivot
  • distance of front and rear axels in relation to swing arm pivot

All critical dimensions are measured before, during and after repair to ensure a complete pain free recovery. In most cases your motorcycle will feel better than new as the MOTOJIG will realign the chassis with a tighter tolerance than from factory. The motorcycle can be brought into our workshop complete and we will remove parts and replace after the repair is complete or to save yourself money you can remove parts e.g. fairings, fuel tank, exhaust, radiator, breaks etc.