Crash & Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

By keeping our business overheads low we are able to pass the savings onto you. Our workshop rates are the lowest around without compromising on quality workmanship.

By having the same qualified tradesman work on servicing or repairing your bike each time gives you the peace of mind that the same level of repairs are done every time.

Blueprint Engineering provides servicing and mechanical repairs to:

  • Sports bikes, Motocross, Trail bikes, Quads
  • Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Hyosung, Grey Imports

Services include:

  • General Minor and major services
  • Fork and shock repairs and seal replacement
  • Engine upgrades or modifications
  • Bearing replacements
  • Engine replacements

Examples of our work


Crash Repairs

Blueprint Engineering is dedicated to improving the standard of motorcycle crash repairs in South Australia. We specialise in all aspects of motorcycle crash repairs for both private and insurance work. If you have crashed your motorcycle don’t take the chance of not getting it repaired accurately. Blueprint Engineering will repair your motorcycle to the highest standard in Adelaide. Getting the fairings painted or replaced will make your bike look repaired, but what happens when you ride off down the road and your bike pulls to the left or shudders when you brake?

Some questions to ask your repairer or insurance company:

  • Is the Chassis Alignment correct?
  • Are the forks, triple clamps and swing arm straight?
  • Are my disks true?
  • Is my wheel alignment correct?

These are the most critical parts to be checked and repaired when a motorcycle has been crashed. Even the smallest of crashes can cause damage to these parts.

Blueprint Engineering measures all the critical points and angles of your motorcycle with every crash repair. If any part is found to be out of alignment we have the knowledge and the latest repair technology in Australia, the MOTOJIG. So you can rest assured your motorcycle will feel and look like new after the repair.

Examples of our work