Suspension & Wheel Alignment

Suspension upgrades and Geometry setup

With Knowledge gained from years of developing and building Performance street bikes and Race Bikes and testing parts and components at the track and on the road. We can give you accurate advice and follow through with the repairs and modifications to improve your lap times or just make your ridding more enjoyable.

Even with the High level that modern sports bikes are being engineered the engineers still have to make assumptions about your weight, Riding preferences and riding style. The manufacturers are forced to make compromises in suspension components and settings. So there is a good chance that your motorcycle suspension needs tuning.
Gold Valve installation and modification to Fork and shock internals make three major changes

-Firstly the Gold valve improves the flow Characteristics dramatically.
-Secondly the travel is increased which’s improves the bump absorption particularly under hard braking. It also increases the trail improving grip.
-Thirdly making the bottoming process more gradual and linear decreasing braking chatter and also improving chatter

Suspension upgrades include:

  • Internal Valving Shim stack adjustments
  • Gold valve Kits for Compression and Rebound
  • Spring replacement To suit riders weight
  • Air gap changes, Top Out springs
  • Removal of Internal bottoming out devices
  • Fork and shock seal replacements and servicing


Chassis Geometry setup

Things as simple as changing to a different tyre brand or chain length and sprockets sizes can dramatically affect the way your bike handles. If you experience problems like these it could be a quick easy affordable adjustment of the Bikes geometry.

Chassis Geometry changes including:

  • Fork position in triple clamps and Fork offset
  • Static and Rider sag adjustments
  • Swing arm angle and Wheelbase length
  • Rake angle and trail length adjustments
  • Ride height and swing arm pivot position

Wheel and sprocket alignment

At Blueprint Engineering we specialise in doing wheel alignments right and we have all the expensive equipment like our state of the art MotoJig Chassis measuring jig to help us do a top quality job.. Keeping your front and rear wheel aligned is not as easy as it sounds but it is crucial to get it right to make sure you get the most out of your motorcycle.

Correct wheel alignment and sprocket alignment is crucial when it comes to the handling of your motorcycle. It can make a huge difference between a bike that handles poorly and a bike that handles smoothly. If the wheel and sprocket alignment are not correct, the motorcycle is likely to pull to one side or steer in one direction easier than the other. This can affect the consistency of the bike and its handling, while it can also reduce tyre life along with the life of the chain and sprockets and over time it can cause gear box problems.

Wheel alignment

  1. The very important check that we always do at Blueprint Engineering wheel measuring the wheel alignment is to make sure the swing arm pivot axle and rear wheel axle are square with each other. To do this measurement between the centre of both swing arm pivot and rear wheel axles on both sides of the bike. If these measurements are the same the axles are square with each other.
  2. Another very important check we do is measure your sprocket alignment at the same time as doing the wheel alignment. If these don’t both line up then there might be a misalignment in the chassis or swing arm,

After setting your wheel alignment using our method you will have a measurement at your axle blocks that you can always use when adjusting the chain or when changing your gearing. Your factory axle blocks have indicators but they are not 100% accurate so use them as a guide to getting it close.